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Central Route Coordinator News – August 2018



My name is Eamon “ Boomer” Tansey. I have been selected for the great honor of being Route Coordinator for the Central Route in 2019.

I served in the Australian Army and one year of that spent in Vietnam.

My Assistant Route Coordinator is Tom Miller who is also a Vietnam Veteran US Army. His experience as a Road Guard Captain and his leadership skills will be of invaluable help in setting up the Route for 2019.

Road Guard Captain for the Route will be Kay Klemme who as Assistant Road Captain in 2018 did a brilliant job.

Run for the Wall is for  Veterans and supporters of all Theaters of War

Over the next few months I’ll be setting up the Central Route Teams for 2019

Thank you to Harlan Olson and his Team for a job well done and making the 30thRFTW a success.


I look forward to all Vets and Non Vets joining me in 2019


Eamon “Boomer” Tansey