2020 Marseilles IL to Phoenix AZ after the Run??

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      Hi All,

      I am looking forward to doing the RFTW and WallToWall this year.

      After completion of the Sandbox Route I have time to travel around a while before returning to Phoenix AZ. I am looking for ideas as to what would be a good route with places to see. I would like a slow trip back and to take time to “smell the rose” and take the occasional photos along the way.

      I am thinking of a Northerly route. Some ideas would be greatly appreciated. The time I am looking at spending on the road is about ten days.

      IS IT MAY YET?

      Kind regards.

      Edwin Musto - THUMB
      South African Defence Force - 1980-1982 - Corporal
      1 Maintenance Unit
      Quarter Master General Head Quarters
      2016 - (FNG) Central Route - All the way! Platoon 9
      2017 - Central Route - All the way on the Ambassador Team
      2018 - Central Route - All the way on Communications Team
      2020 - Central Route - Communications Team - Cancelled
      2020 - Sandbox Route - Wall to Wall on the Ambassador Team - Cancelled

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