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      Does anyone know of a info meeting for FNGs?

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      Gary, so far, to my knowledge, there will be a meeting for FNG’s in Bend and probably one here, again, in Portland. I am pretty sure both will happen after the new year. However, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me (see my profile for info). If you can’t make either gathering (don’t know dates, yet) I have lists I can send you (what to take, what to do) and use the RFTW website for general questions. We will be doing an escort for the Alaska Airlines Fallen Hero Cart again this year to Ontario and beyond (I think it’s destined for Kansas City). We usually have 50-75 bikes, give or take, on the escort from Seattle. We use I5 as the travel corridor. You are welcome to join up in Seattle, or, if it’s more convenient, anywhere along I5 and come with us to Ontario. Again, welcome aboard and I hope you make it All The Way. It is a moving experience.


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