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      I just got the news that my poor truck, after thirteen years and 212,000 miles, needs a new transmission. Imagine that! Luckily, I was home when I noticed there was a problem, so it was off to a nearby reputable transmission shop I went. No need for a tow.

      On The Run, should things go wrong, we’re lucky to have a chase team to pick up the pieces, and haul us down the road to the nearest help. They are a great group of volunteers, and I love to talk to them at the fuel stops, but I really hope I never have to wave them down as The Run passes me by.

      Traveler, my trusty Ultra, sits patiently waiting with 60,000 miles on her. Once again, she will be carrying Snapshot and I “all the way”, a trip of a minimum of 7,000 miles. Last year those 7,000 miles turned into a fantastic 11,000. I’m hoping that Snapshot and I can take a similar detour after this year’s Run as well.

      BeforeTraveler ever leaves her home for her trip to Ontario, she will have new shoes, new stoppers, and new fluids. I’ll be carefully performing a T-clocks inspection, and carrying plenty of bailing wire and duct tape, along with a long list of other self rescue fix-it’s.

      My question to you is, what are you doing now to stay off the Chase trailer?

      70 days and counting. Is it May yet?


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      Had a new clutch pack installed a few months ago.  New back tire, will get new front tire before the Run.  Will service the bike right before leaving, and as has become my yearly tradition, will hit every bolt and nut with a torque wrench prior to departure for Ontario.

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      Last year I had a service done a month or so before the Run and knew I would be in need of a service by the time I drove to CA. I made arrangements with the dealer for an oil change and safety inspection. The rear tire was found to have a small hole- caught and repaired! Not a bad practice to have another set of eyes take a look at your ride before leaving across the country.

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