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      I’m riding to CA to join RFTW 2020 and starting in Birmingham, Alabama.  Looking for folks that may want to meet up along the way and ride together.

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      Jim McCrainJim McCrain

      Jerryl, “Hoofer’s Hooligans” will be leaving the Dallas area on Thursday May 7, arriving in Ontario on Sunday May 10.  There will be more details coming in the new year, but you can do a Forum search and read about our past Rides out to California.

      Join the Hooligans.  We are a Fun Bunch!


      Jim “Hoofer” McCrain

      Jim "Hoofer" McCrain
      Photographer, Midway Route (2019, 2020,. 2021)
      SITREP Author, (2019, 2020, 2021)
      Road Guard, Midway Route (2017, 2018)
      Road Guard, Southern Route (2016)
      Tail Gunner, Southern Route (2015)
      FNG, Southern Route (2014)

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      We will be leaving Jackson, MS on Wednesday to join up with Jim, and the Hooligans in Arlington on Thursday if you want to come and crash here and ride with us over.

      Mike "Hardcase" Poirier
      Chaplain, S.R.

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