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      Currently registered to join at Angel Fire, New Mexico but am giving serious consideration to “All the Way”.  Did the math today and it would cost an additional $700 (Gas & Hotel).  In the FAQ’s it says I can change my start point up until “Pre-registration” closes, but it doesn’t say when it closes (?)  Also, I thought I found somewhere that described the Tuesday before the run activities, but now ban’t find it,  Any help?

      FYI:  When I first came on this forum I showed up as the “Keg Kaiser” (a name I acquired as the beer server at tailgates), but since then my ALR buddies gave me the name “bird” so I thought that was more appropriate.

      Chris "Bird" Earley
      USAF 1975 - 1995
      American Legion Riders 209
      CR 2017 FNG

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      Pretty BoyPretty Boy

      My suggestion would be to go ALL THE WAY, if you can. I promise, you will not regret it. $700 sounds a bit high on additional funds to start in CA vs starting in Angel Fire.

      See you soon, and welcome.

      Kirk "Pretty Boy" Olson
      Route Road Guard Captain - Central Route
      Central Route Road Guard - 2010-2019

      Participant 2009, 2015 | All the Way 2010-2014, 2016-2020
      2012 BMW K1600GT

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      Bird, you definitely want to go ATW if you can swing the extra cash. It will add a great deal to your experience. We always encourage riders to join wherever they can, but going ATW will add a great deal to your experience, and by the time you reach Angel Fire, you will already be a different rider. I also recommend you arrive in Ontario on Monday because you will find there will be a lot going in Ontario on Tuesday including the mandatory FNG meeting that will also give you a small leg up on those FNGs who join us later in the run. Someone with a higher pay grade than me can tell you when the “preregistration” closes, but I believe it’s about a week before the run starts. Welcome home, and I hope to see you in Ontario.


      USAF 70 - 74
      Vietnam 71 - 73
      Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 41-2 Reno, NV
      Midway Route FNG ATW 2015, TG 2016, TG 2017, TG 2018

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      John McKeeJohn McKee


      Once you pre-register, you can join the Run anywhere along the route.  So, if you’ve already registered to join Central Route at Angel Fire, and change your starting location to Ontario, that’s not a problem because all of the registration forms begin their journey with the registration teams in Ontario, CA.  Now, if you decide to change your Route, that’s a different matter, but all you have to do is fill out a Contact Form requesting the change, and set the form’s destination to “Registration”.  As long as this change is noted prior to May 1st, the route change can be incorporated.


      John "Wicked" McKee
      RFTW BOD
      Director of Risk Management

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      If you look in the Midway Route Coordinator’s news, there’s a schedule posted there from last year’s Run.  The days of the week will be the same, but names and dates will change for 2017.  Things don’t really get interesting for non-leadership until Tuesday when we have the Riverside National Cemetery ride, FNG briefing, and the dinner that evening (which is where the Combat Heroes bikes will be presented).

      If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  And like Doc said in another post, read everything you can get your hands on.

      Welcome to the family, looking forward to meeting you in May.


      Leo Rachmel
      SFC, U.S. Army, Retired (1987-2008)
      2015 FNG ATW, MR
      2016 Staging Team, MR
      2017 RGIT, MR
      2018 Road Guard, MR
      Southern Nevada PGR Ride Captain

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      We met at the lunch in Johnstown in November.  I’ll be going ATW as Road Guard this year.  I’m hoping my husband will also go ATW, if not, he will join in Goodland.

      We may be interested in sharing a room which will help with expenses.  I already have saved reservations in Gallup and in Corydon, Hurricane, and Lewisburg.

      Is it May yet?

      Mary "Cynder" Melick
      Central Route
      Road Guard 2017, 2018
      Participant 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018
      All The Way 2016, 2017
      Fuel Team 2014, 2015
      Tail Gunner, Platoon 5 Wentzville east 2016
      2018 Harley Ultra Limited "Rebel Heart"

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      Hey Cynder,
      That wasnt me.  I didnt make the meeting in November.  Hope to make a few after the New Year.

      See You Then,

      Chris “Bird” Earley

      Chris "Bird" Earley
      USAF 1975 - 1995
      American Legion Riders 209
      CR 2017 FNG

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      Go for it!  You will not regret it. You can save a lot of money by not staying in the host hotels….. Motel 6 or other budget motels are fine at half the price. And the price of the return trip won’t change. Pre-registration usually stays open until April…….. You can change anytime, even in Ontario.




























      USMC In-Country I Corps 69-70

      RFTW "Participant" 2003, 2004, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018
      ATW 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2019

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      I’m in the same boat on the southern route. 15 was my FNG year, wanted to go ATW but my son was graduating with his Masters degree and I was Layed off from the oil field so I joined up in Grand Prairie, Tx.  16, bad year finance and health wise, only rode 2 days. This year, finances are worse and I lost 3 brothers in arms but, because of the losses and having gotten a roommate I’m going all the way. The bills will have to wait. I owe it to Jesse, John John and Shaggy to go ATW.

      So here is my challenge to you. We both commit to going ATW. We plan save scrape and do whatever it takes to do it and we meet in Ontario Tuesday morning  before the run in the host hotel.

      Philip "Juice" Tutton
      Uh-1D/H crewchief. 1985-2000
      2015 FNG SR
      2016 SR Participant
      2017 SR ATW
      2018 SR ATW RGIT
      "No mission too difficult, No sacrifice too great"

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      Sounds like a plan Juice.  already got reservations made and God willing will be rolling into Ontario Monday night!


      Chris "Bird" Earley
      USAF 1975 - 1995
      American Legion Riders 209
      CR 2017 FNG

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      Go ALL THE WAY

      I Promise you – It will be the Most intense ride of your life


      The MOST Heart warming / Fantastic ride of your life – You WILL NOT regret it… you can always make a little more money – Its a great feeling

      I have done three and would love to do it again someday

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      I like camping, most spots are free or close to it, Over the last 4 years, i’ve spent about $500 total for food fuel and camping each year up and back. Besides, it’s a great way to meet people.


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