An Invitation To Run

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      Listen up patriots I’ve a story to share

      About support, accounting, healing, and prayer

      We honor the memory of those who did fall

      In tribute to them we Run For The Wall.


      From Ontario to DC together we ride

      To remember and honor those who have died

      One mission four routes ALL THE WAY is our chant

      We ride for the wall for those who can’t.


      The bikes roar to life and our journey begins

      Ten days on the road, in DC it ends

      A formation of bikes five hundred strong

      Platoon after platoon over two miles long!


      One proud tradition since this ride began

      Is the honored space open for one missing man

      Surrounded by many and remembered by all

      He escorts the names that we take to the wall.


      Every overpass we ride under, every town we ride through

      Are hundreds of supporters waving red, white, and blue

      They donate the fuel that allows us to roll

      They provide our meals and nourish our soul.


      Day ten we arrive and approach that grave wall

      Searching for names like Tom, John, and Paul

      Tens of thousands of names on that wall engraved

      They gave their lives that ours might be saved.


      Freedom isn’t free as that wall will attest

      Our freedom was paid for by some of our best

      Put your hand on that wall and you might hear them say

      For your tomorrow we gave our today.


      Emotions run deep, tears they will flow

      A healing takes place for a debt that we owe

      So veterans and patriots an invitation to all

      Come join this great tribute as we Run For The Wall!

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      When I wrote this I really struggled with the title, considered many among which were


      Is It May Yet?

      Run For The Wall

      An Invitation To Run

      After much indecision I have settled on The Saga of Run For The Wall which it will now be titled.  The word saga is defined as:

      Noun: A long story of heroic achievement, a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents.  A narrative telling the adventures of a hero or family.

      I’d appreciate any feedback from veteran RFTW riders.  Thanks.



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      Doug Walker

      I think that The Saga of Run For The Wall is an appropriate title for this poem.

      As a Vietnam vet, a patriot and a RFTW Chase truck driver for several years I have experienced a multitude of things, felt a multitude of emotions and amassed a bunch of stories to tell. As a result of doing the RFTW I have become more involved in veteran’s causes. It has become part of my healing to be giving back and supporting other runs such as the Alaska Airlines Fallen Hero Cart escort and the POW/MIA Memorial Highway run put on by the Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association.

      When I am asked about Run For The Wall these stories and emotions just come out and become my saga to tell. My 15 minute presentations become an hour long dissertation of the mission and my experiences supporting it. The emotions spill out and my eyeglasses begin leaking as they often do on the run. My personal saga. Reading your poem and an earlier one by Santa Ed really hit home about what we do and why we do it.

      So, The Saga of Run For The Wall is a great title. Thank you for writing this saga.

      CR Chase 4 in '14, '15, '18, '19, ('20*)('21*), '22
      Sgt USMC 62-66
      Chu Lai 65-66

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      This poem hits it right on the spot of why we ride for RFTW, I’m asking permission to copy and post on other sites.
      Thank You
      Rod George

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      Hot Rod,

      I just found your request, yes you have my permission to post this on other sites so long as I am credited with byline.  I was hopeful of reciting this to the entire RFTW gathering, I think it might fire everyone up, it certainly has that effect on me!

      After much thought I have made one change.  The third line currently reads:

      We honor the memory of those who did fall

      I’ve changed that to read:

      We salute our heroes, those who did fall

      Lane “Boss” Post, 2023 FNG Central route, USMC Vietnam Veteran


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