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      My daughter was a medically discharged Air Force vet who unfortunately passed at the age of 23 in 2006. For her,  I would love to do the entire ride from Cali to DC.  Since I don’t own a bike or have the opportunity to ride, I would need to be a passenger with anyone willing to take me.

      My preference is the Southern Route since I’m from WV and have been to / through many of the Midwest states. I am a 60 yr old non-smoking female with a great sense of sarcastic humor that loves to travel. Will definitely pay my own expenses and help with anything necessary.   My contact info is:

      [email protected]    Thanks so much…Kristi

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      FYI: My intent is to fly to Cali on May 12th and fly back home from DC at run’s end. Therefore, I just need to find anyone willing to have a passenger for the run. Open to options / ideas / suggestions.

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      Krista, you dont have to ride a bike you can drive a car behind all the motorcycles and still recieve the same treatment except they ask cars to get gas at other stops basically

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      @Ghost2…I did know about the car deal however, that isn’t an option for me. Thank you for the suggestion though.

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      Check your email.  My wife has offered you a back seat on her CanAm Spyder.  You can call her

      903-617-4841.   Her name is Pat,



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      Thank you Pop. I’m looking forward to talking with her again and getting more info. Just 6 mos away.

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