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      When I first opened on the old forum, I chose the name Laikhe67tc in hopes I might find someone in the ridership who had also been in that area in country. In 2014 I did not go on the run, instead making a trip up to Gresham Oregon to meet a long lost buddy with whom I had served as fellow grunts.

      Gary Obrist had thought I had been killed, but when he looked for my name on the Wall, I wasn’t there- so he began a search for me with his brother-in-law that spanned several years with no success. It wasn’t until Bill the brother-in-law saw my name in something about RFTW that caught his attention. I still remember that strange phone call- “Are you the Tom Cameron that…” 45 years!

      To shorten all this, Gary and I have a renewed friendship and Bill wrote it all up. The story can be seen in the December issue of Vietnam Magazine- I found a copy at Barnes and Noble on their extensive magazine rack!

      Just something to pass your time until May….!?

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      Santa EdSanta Ed

      Tom we did miss you on the 14  RFTW.   Hope you will be with us this year, you are one that adds so much to the run each year.   We are getting thinner each year us that served in that little country so many years ago some 50 years .       ed

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      Sidewalk, what is on the cover of the December issue?????


      I found the December issue online but it says it is for November, so now this flatlander is confused.


      Love ya, hope to see you in 2017

      "I never met a man I didn't like"...will rogers

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