Autocom / Intercom system – Brand New + many extras

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      $110 Shipped to 48 states.

      $90 IF YOU PICK it up in TURLOCK


      [email protected]

      Autocom – For Sale

      Two complete systems

      I am selling a Brand New Autocom Motorcycle intercom system. This is made by Autocom – I got my first FLHTCI several years ago – it did not have the Harley intercom and I tried several systems out there – they were all crap. Then I found Autocom – we could actually carry on a conversation at freeway speeds. Had a cable between the helmet and system go bad – bought a new one and was told that Autocom was going to stop selling in the US?? So, I bought a complete New upgraded system + hard wire kit for the bike Plus spare helmet cables and a spare helmet speaker/Mic set up. Well, my system worked so good – I Never even opened up the spare set up or use the spare parts.

      September, 2015 – I bought a new Ultra Limited and sold my FLHTCI – I took off the Autocom and removed the helmet speakers and mic’s.

      Now time for everything to find a new home.

      If you have a Bike and would like a good intercom system – I am offering a killer deal. I want to sell it all as a package.

      In these systems you can run your audio from your GPS and Music

      What you will get is this

      First off – what is NEW and UNUSED

      *** Complete NEW intercom system with two new helmet sets = speakers and mics for two helmets = do not remember the cost of this but it was in the area of $400
      *** 3 new helmet cords – One still in the box – two new but no box = cost me $29 each
      *** New spare helmet set-up = speakers and mic = cost me $70
      *** hard wire set up for new intercom system = the new one can run either on 9v OR this new hardwire set up – this alone cost me $60
      Used – take off from bike sold – worked great when I took it off – not all that pretty but worked great

      *** Complete intercom system with two helmet sets = speakers and mic’s / This system is hard wire only and is set up that way.
      *** Thee helmet cables
      Any questions – call or email at 209-233-0711
      [email][email protected][/email]

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