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      Hi to everybody I was setting here and was thinking about this years mission and yes it’s October but never to early to start getting thing ready both on the Bike or the Trike and the trailer if you are going to tow one .  I have a list of things I start doing in the winter months because  I live in Michigan and it’s hard to get some of the thing done here like taking the bike to the dealer for a checkup or new tires witch they never have, Oil change,  air filter  and the cost is $$$.   I order everything on line and do it myself but there are some people they may want to have the service done for them and there nothing wrong with that.  I pull a tent trailer yep (trailer trash) each year I pull the wheels off and check everything the bearing the lights the rims tire frame for cracks and  wiring and the chains yes your trailer needs chains to go on the run  and if you have a home made trailer check the rules on the web site for home made trailers.  Those of you it’s going to be your first time on the run start talk with other that have been on the run everybody will help you, you will become family on and off the run.

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