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    Pretty BoyPretty Boy

    The RFTW BoD is asking for resumes for those interested in eventually taking over the responsibilities of being the Director of Merchandise for RFTW and be a member of the RFTW BoD.  The goal is to start this person this fall, so they can shadow Ray Brammer, our current Director of Merchandise through this year, and learn how it is done. The person would then take over from Ray Brammer, who will be ending his 2nd term after the 2020 Run.

    We ask that interested parties email their interest and resume, and RFTW experience to:

    [email protected] – Chairman of the Board


    Note:  This Board of Directors (BOD) position is like having and running your own small retail business.
    Computer skills a must.

    Merchandise Director should plan on being or have been a part of a Merchandise sales team at least once, to understand the in’s and out’s of the route sales.

    ·      All RFTW merchandise Design, procurement and distribution.
    o  Develop merchandise Design ideas for shirts, hats, patches, pins, poker chips, stickers, etc.
    o  Procure
    o  Distribute
    o  Coordinate with Suppliers for all items to be sold either online, on Routes, or both.
    o  Coordinate deliveries with Suppliers to various sites.
    ·      Monitor, interface, and stop RFTW trademark infringement.
    ·      Managing Merchandise Sales Teams for all routes
    ·      Maintain Online Store section of the RFTW.US website
    ·      Roadguard Patches & Pins – Procure, stock, and distribute to Quartermasters.
    ·      Missing Man Patches & Pins – Procure, stock, and distribute to Quartermasters.
    ·      Outreach Pins – Procure, stock, and distribute to Quartermasters.
    ·      Honor Guard Pins Midway Route (MR) and Southern Route (SR) – Procure, stock, and distribute to Quartermasters.
    ·      Tomb of the Unknown Shirts, Hats, Pins, and Patches – Procure, stock, and distribute to Quartermasters.
    ·      BOD shirts, pins, and patches – procure, stock, and distribute.
    ·      Route Coordinator (RC) pins and patches – procure, stock, and distribute to RCs.
    ·      Manage PayPal Account for the RFTW Online Store.
    ·      Manage PayPal Account for the RFTW Mobile Sales for all Routes.
    ·      Manage Route Sales Trailers – licensing, maintenance requirements, storage, transportation, power supplies (generators).
    ·      Coordinate all Route sales and Online sales of RFTW merchandise.
    ·      Manage merchandise for Online Store and all Routes.
    o  Online Store
    ·      Maintain inventory
    ·      Process orders
    ·      Package orders
    ·      Ship orders
    ·      Update Database
    ·      Customer Service for merchandise sales.  Handle all emails, texts, phone calls, etc.
    ·      Interface and coordinate with Finance Director
    ·      Interface and coordinate with Purchasing Director
    ·      Problem solving
    ·      Electronic sales via Shopkeep
    o  Software updates
    o  Hardware requirements
    o  Coordinate register activation and deactivation
    ·      Manage mobile sales team iPads and equipment.  This includes maintaining mobile lines for each iPad.  Currently billed and paid against my personal Verizon Wireless account.
    ·      Run PINS – Estimate the requirements for both Goodwill and Sales.
    ·      Ontario – Distribution of goods to Merchandise Teams and Quartermasters.
    ·      Distribution of Goodwill pins to State Coordinators.
    ·      Coordinate Supplier payments and disputes.
    Interface for all Merchandise issues.

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    Kirk "Pretty Boy" Olson
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    Central Route Road Guard - 2010-2019

    Participant 2009, 2015 | All the Way 2010-2014, 2016-2020
    2012 BMW K1600GT

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    Ray BrammerRay Brammer


    Ray Brammer
    Merchandise Director Run For The Wall(R)
    [email protected]

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