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      Papa Smurf

      The RFTW Board of Directors is soliciting applications from riders interested in serving on the Board. There will be Several vacancies on July 1st, 2021 due to term limits. Because sitting members have the option of moving into vacant seats, There is no certainty of which positions will be opening up.

      Anyone is eligible to apply, but it should be understood that the Board places a high priority on experience and past service to the Run in leadership and service positions when evaluating candidates.

      If you would like to apply for a position on the Board of Directors, please submit a resume with an overview of your work history and a detailed recounting of your RFTW experience, including your FNG year, the number of times you’ve ridden with RFTW (both as a Participant and ATW), which route(s) you’ve ridden, and what leadership or service positions you’ve held.  We also ask that you submit a short cover letter explaining why you wish to join the Board.  Please send these to me at [email protected]

      I hope to hear from you. Remember… decisions are made by those who step up.

      Dave "Papa Smurf" Klemme
      Vice President/Chairman
      RFTW Board of Directors
      2016 Central Route Coordinator
      "Freedom Isn't Free"

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      Run For The Wall

      Pushing this back to the Top for informational purposes.

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      Ted Kapner

      (Re-posting this for Papa Smurf)

      Greetings from the foot of the Rockies in beautiful Colorado!

      Joe “Java Joe” Bookataub, our Director of Purchasing, has tendered his resignation from the RFTW Board of Directors because of personal/family issues. He didn’t feel that his circumstances would leave him the time to carry out his responsibilities properly. I respect his decision and all of us on the Board wish him well.

      This leaves us with the need to recruit a replacement to complete Joe’s term which runs through June of 2024.  As the title implies, the Purchasing Director is responsible for acquiring all items necessary to conduct the Run every year. These include hats, windshield banners, placards, sleeves/brassards, plaques, certificates, etc.  This position also works closely with the route Quartermasters to ensure that durable items, such as sleeves/brassards, Road Guard radios, and the like, are returned, accounted for, and stored for use in subsequent years. Of course, the overarching responsibility is to work closely with the other members of the Board to provide guidance and direction for Run For The Wall® Inc.

      If you’re looking to “give something back,” and possess both the experience and attention to detail necessary for this position, send a resume and cover letter highlighting your qualifications to our Vice President & Chairman, Jim Marshall, at [email protected] .  Please include your history with RFTW, including any service or leadership positions you have held.

      At one time or another, all of us have thought to ourselves, “If I was running this lash up…” Well, now’s your chance! Remember, decisions are made by those who step up.


      Dave “Papa Smurf” Klemme
      President, RFTW Board of Directors


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