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      I was thinking about joining the ride in Wentzville Mo this year. I was thinking about camping instead of spending the money for motels. Just wondering if anyone had any information on the camping spots and if that would be a good idea.


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      ChrisB, I’m on my tenth ride this year and I’ve always camped. It’s a great experience with an awesome group of people. I’m on the Southern Route but I am sure the campers on other routes are almost as awesome. 😂 I quit using a tent two years ago, because our accommodations are usually covered and a few are actually inside a building. Showers are also provided. Hope this helped a little.

      Mark "RUCKSACK" Merrick

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      Thank you for the information Mark. I was wondering if there was anyone that had camped on the central route that could tell what the campsites were like (Between Wentzville Mo and Arlington). Checking to see if if I would need a tent or if they were covered or inside. Any information would be appreciated.

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      Wally GatorWally Gator

      Hi Chrisblock

      Welcome to the run my wife and I  have camped every time for the pass 5 year on the Central route .  From Wentzville to Arlington the camp grounds are really nice all have shower  if that’s what you wanted to know.  The first year we did a tent the next 4 time is in a popup tent trailer. You will need a tent from Wentzville the next stop in Corydon has a place that is covered horse stables from there no more cover

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      Thank you for the information. It’s greatly Appreciated

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      Does anyone have any recommendations for a tent. I ride an HD ultra classic and I probably will need to pack it either in the passenger seat or on the tour pak rack. Don’t really want to get a lot of money wrapped up in one but I would like one that is easy to setup and that is waterproof. The 2 person dome tents seem to be about the best option.

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      I remember the research I did regarding tents and gear on my FNG year.  I can’t even imagine how many hours I spent looking for the best, smallest packing, cheapest gear that I can carry upon a motorcycle.  However I settled on a 1 person tent (Alps Mountaineer Lynx 1 person), however lacked the extra space needed for gear but an awesome tent.  I will be packing for those just in case moments a very small packing size tent (link below).  Keep in mind packing size (as your aware, we have limited space), weight (lighter the better), and if want a normal tent (usually larger pack size, heavier) or backpacking tent (which I think is better for motorcycles as smaller packing).   Definitely suggest though getting a floor saver or utilize a tarp between the earth and your tent, protecting tent.

      Below is a good cheap, small packing tent either 1 or 2 person I will be carrying with me this year (if you use Amazon, friendly reminder to use and Support Run for the Wall, as proceeds of any purchase go to RFTW)

      Below, I have the 1 person version of this tent and love it.

      Hope this may help

      Steven "Post" Boyd
      USMC Veteran 1994-2002
      RFTW Midway Route (FNG '17, Top Platoon '17, Road Guard '18/'19)
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      Unless you’re going to make a habit of camping on the bike, no point in spending a bunch of money on a tent. Especially if many of the places are going to be indoors. Pretty much any tent is going to get you through the week. Then if you decide you like it, you can take the experience you gained and decide what features you need.

      And do yourself a favor, get a 2 person tent. I’m all for packing small, but I also like to be able to turn over and sit up. If you’re getting a 1 person, you may as well just get a bivvy sack lol

      Also, if you’re going to spend some cash, make it on your sleeping pad. Nothing will make or break a night of sleep quicker than a good/bad pad.

      2019 FNG - Central Route
      Operations Manager - Motorcycle Relief Project
      Sergeant at Arms - ALR Post 2008, Falcon CO

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      Thank you

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      AvatarSister Mary

      Wentzville Christian Church has invited campers to stay overnight Monday night [Day 6] in their facility. The following are the guidelines they have set:

      1. All vehicles and bikes must park on the side or in back.

      No one may park in the front of the church.

      2. No alcohol on the premises and no smoking inside the building.

      3. Doors lock and lights out in the auditorium at 11:00 P.M.

      4. There will be gender-designated sleep areas.

      5. Please remain in the designated areas in the building and do not roam throughout.

      6. There will be a church member present at all times in case of emergency.

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      I have a 2 man tent and purchased a cot to keep me off the ground.

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      Chris, if you are going to sleep on the ground I recommend a good sleeping pad.  The Klymit Static V is highly recommended if you want a good option and it rolls up pretty compactly.  Amazon has one for $32 as long as you are good with camoflage.

      I also purchased a Eureka 2-person tent and I would recommend not going smaller than 2 person, even if you are only camping alone.  Whatever you choose try to find out if your tent has to have the poles put through sleeves or if you can clip onto the poles instead.  If you motorcycle camp, chances are you are rolling in at 6-8pm and nobody wants to try to put a tent up in the dark.  The clip on pole setup is nice and I can literally put it together in the dark (1 AM, experienced it) or blindfolded.  Don’t know the model but I love the tent.

      2019 FNG - Central Route

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