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      In the hotel list is says that there is a $10.00 charge for camping at Prado Park.  Can someone explain what this is for?  Is it for a share of a group site or is it for an individual camping site?  Been camping there for many years now, and have always been at group site, but it is a bit confusing the way it is listed in the hotel list.

      Thanks, Cheetos

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      The Midway itinerary says camping at Prado Park is free, but then it says, “12/16-17.”  Not sure what that means.  It was free last  year, too, but we still paid $10 per day for the group site.

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      John McKeeJohn McKee

      I inquired of Carol Olmstead (who does not frequent The Forum), and here is her reply:

      Error on CR posting.

      This was last year.

      This year all camping RFTW Family members need to make their own reservations at Prado Park.

      All RC etal were notified no RFTW reservation made this year due to an incident last year.


      John "Wicked" McKee
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      Robert KasmerchekRobert Kasmerchek

      Is it May let

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      Thanks Wicked for the follow up!  Now to call Prado Park and make reservations.

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