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      I understand there are Camping Coordinators from a previous post. So who is the Central Route Camping Coordinator?


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      Ghost RiderGhost Rider

      To locate leadership personnel on any route do the following. 1. Go to the home page. 2 On the left side under the video locate and click Run Details. 3. Select the route you want to view. 4. Scroll down to Contacts. 5. Scroll to the team you want (Road Guards, Platoon, Fuel, Staging) and look for the position of the person you want.

      Ray Wyatt
      2017 Southern Route Coordinator
      2016 Southern Route Assistant Route Coordinator
      2014-15 Road Guard Captain
      2011-2013, 2018 -2019 Road Guard
      Mission > Self

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      Nick HentgesNick Hentges

      The Central Route is still looking for a Camping Coordinator.


      Honolulu Hawaii
      ATW Central Route 2009-2019
      Tailgunner 2010
      Asst Platoon Leader 2011-2016
      Platoon Leader 2017-2019
      Wall to Wall Recon 2019
      RFTW BOD Director of Public Relations and Communications

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