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      If you have a CB on your bike. I like this because I think it is a safety issue. Take your bike into a dealer and have CB switched with your Cruise Control switch. Now not all dealers know about this yet, you can tell them to call the factory. What they do is make a change to the computer and put on new grey switches. The cost is different at each dealer I paid $27.00 my buddy in Calif. paid $67.00. Why I like it and think it is a safety issue. Trying to work your CB switch and operating your throttle at the same time. Everyone that has had it done loves it. Safety is always a great thing.

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      Had mine done, didn’t  brother changing switches. I don’t  look at them  , why change to grey. Gonzo  switched switches himself, no need to buy grey ones.


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      The “theory” is that the kit includes gray switches to signify that a change has been made from stock config.  I had mine reprogrammed and switched the stock switches.  They pull straight off and will press back on as long as you’re careful with it.

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      The Tech bulletin needed by the service technician to perform the switch change in the software is TT460.  I had mine done this week and they just switched the stock switch caps afterwards.

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      Who can read the labels anyway?  Just have the programming done and forget doing anything to the physical switches.  It was .5 hr labor in Beaumont, TX

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