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      Tommy Cranford

      This is Tom Cranford   –   ‘TWO CHAINS’

      Were in need of one Chase Truck w/Trailer for CR.  Trucks have to have CB’s and Trailers preferably to be able to haul 4 bikes.  Should have experience hauling bikes and dealing with Veterans and their cause fighting for POW’s/MIA’s.  It is a challenge but very rewarding to be able to provide support for so many honored veterans.  Very moving experience as well.  Chase Trucks get their Fuel paid for from Ontario to DC.  You pay for fuel along the route and you turn in receipts in DC for reimbursement.  But you pay your own way home from DC.  Wherever your from you may pick up request for hauling Veterans bikes home for them from DC.  Those arrangements are made between you and the bike owner.  It hasn’t anything to do w/RFTW.  Once you reach DC your mission as a Chase Truck is completed.

      So if you know of anyone that might be interested please contact me with an email [email protected]   or leave me a message on my cell 951-663-8686and I’ll return your call.

      I have been Chase Truck for 3 years and I will be changing rolls for the CR.  I will be taking over Jim Sloan’s –  ‘SWEEPER’s’ position of the LAST MAN VEHICLE.  It’s unfortunate that Jim is having to step down due personal issues but he will surely be deeply missed at his usual position as ‘Last Man’.  I know I will miss him a lot and I know the rest of the Chase Trucks for CR will miss him as well.

      I know we have an awesome chase crew for CR and we always help each other out as much as possible.  So if anyone knows of anyone that would like to join and volunteer their time for a couple of weeks for a VERY GOOD CAUSE !!!! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and let me know.


      Thank you all for your time………..

      “TWO CHAINS’


      PS – I also will be possibly selling my 4 bike trailer as well.  With all equipment on it along with winch and toolbox the works.  If interested contact me to discuss.  Thanks again


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