Chainmail Vest Extenders and Bracelets in Rancho May 2017

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      Hello Everyone –

      Sorry to have fallen off the face of the earth back around April/May of 2014, the little man half of our boy/girl twins gave us a bit of a scare when he made his grand entrance to the world. After an 11 day visit to the NICU, we welcomed him and his little sister home and since then – the last 3 years have been a bit of a blur.  A happy glorious blur, but a blur none the less.   That being said, I profusely apologize to the 2-3 people who I had received emails from requesting either modified or new vest extenders from that I have yet to fulfill your requests – Please contact me either through this post or via email again – and I will now truly be able to fulfil your requests as the Twinados have finally given me some breathing room!

      That being said – Shoreparty has graciously agreed to transport my current stock of Vest Extenders to Rancho this year. He will be at the Host Hotel, near the front doors – in his vest – with a couple of boxes with colorful metal rings formed into Vest Extenders somewhere near him on May 15<sup>th</sup> and 16<sup>th</sup>.  He will also have the 11 bracelets that I have finally completed designs of this year.

      Vest extenders are $8.00 each or $12.00 per pair (Shoreparty will be able to change snaps as time and availability of snaps allows)  Picture to follow.  Most will be POW/MIA

      Bracelets -$20.00 – Sold As Is (custom orders via email or Facebook) – 7.5 inches with 1 inch extension chain attached – Picture to follow.

      I can be reached at [email protected] or through my Facebook page of

      Please take a moment to check out the Facebook page, give it a like. I’m using this page as a way to sell my chainmail wares and fund the Littles college fund


      Becca – AKA SilverDragon

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      Welcome back, SilverDragon. I have worn your colored vest extenders for several years and really like them and I still get many compliments on them. They are getting a little worn, however, so I’m glad Shoreparty will have some new ones available. I’ll be looking for him in Ontario.



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      Will you be at  Ontario on May 15 ?

      I would like to get a set of vets  change

      AKA Fresh / Doug  on the SR-  fuel team

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