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      On my way to the RFTW last year, I rode from Northern Nevada to PCH and took Highway 1 south. I took a break near San Simeon.  A man walked up to me and we started chatting about RFTW as I was wearing my vest. He told me his father died in the Korean War, that he was a pilot and flew the A26. My wife’s uncle was a 19 year old B-17 copilot in WWII and then flew 150 missions in Korea, in, the A26. Thinking there weren’t that many A26 aircraft in Korea in 1950 I asked him his father’s unit. The 452nd. I called my wife’s uncle who is nearing 99 years old and very sharp. I got his daughter who lives with her father and asked her what unit he flew with. The 452nd. I asked the man what is father’s name was and relayed it to his daughter. I heard in the background, “we lost him”.  Turns out my wife’s uncle was the lost pilot’s commander. I handed the phone to the man and said, he knew your dad….Lesson: Wear your vest enroute to the run, you’ll never know how you might impact someone. This man was a small boy when his father was lost in Korea. He had tears in his eyes as he spoke with my wife’s uncle…..just unreal


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