Chase Teams and Bike Towing To/From the Run

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      Redleg (aka. Sloke)

      Hey everyone,

      I’ve just been on the phone interviewing Tommy Two-Chains for an extra piece I intend to add to a Central Route SitRep during the Run about the incredible service our Chase teams provide to keep riders rolling on the Run. They support the “promote healing” portion of the RFTW mission statement by doing everything they can to keep riders on the run instead of stuck on the side of the road or at a dealer behind the Run awaiting bike repair. More on that during the Run itself when I create an official post.  You’ll also hear more about Chase teams during briefings in Ontario.

      Today, I want to let you all know that many of the Chase team drivers are doing what you are doing and that is planning for their trip out to California and then back to their homes after arrival in DC. If you want to have your bike towed to California or maybe back home from DC you can reach out to any of the Chase team members listed in each route’s contact lists to see if they have space and if their route to Ontario is conducive to picking up your bike.  If they are able to help you, negotiate a fair price that can help the driver offset their own personal expenses and then work out the details for pick up and delivery of your bike.  Less than Load bike haulers have increased their prices significantly, be sure to have an honest conversation with your driver to make sure you are taking care of them financially and not taking advantage of their service. You can find out a rough idea of cost through a carrier with a few minutes of effort using the internet.

      How does this help?  Many of our Chase team drivers are on a limited income and give sacrificially of their time and resources to support you. Towing your bike offsets their out-of-pocket expenses to support the Run.

      Looking forward to meeting many of you in Ontario or on the Run. Is it May yet?


      Daniel "Redleg" Slocum
      CR ATW 2016, Participant 2018
      Tail Gunner: Remember Our Fallen 2021
      CR Sitrep Writer 2022, 2023

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