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      I’ve spent the last 3 days driving in & around Waashington DC and OMG!!!  If you get there this RFTW be sure and give your Roads Guards a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!  In 55 + years of driving I have NEVER experienced ANYTHING like the madness that is “commuting” in DC.  I most CERTAINLY have a new RESPECT for what our Road Guards do to keep our Mission safe!!!!!

      Ride Safe, Ride Often!!
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      U Turn

      Yep… getting into DC is probably the highlight of the Run… we ride in traffic like I’ve never experienced anywhere else!  The 9 days leading up to DC are truly “practice” for that last auspicious day.  But… by the time we get there, we’ve gotten to know most everyone in our platoon, and have learned to trust our Platoon Leaders and Tailgunners.  Practice your panic stops… you will probably do one at least once.  But… I was amazed how we all worked together as a team on that last leg… and I especially remember our Tailgunner yelling at us from the back (as we sat there amazed that our tires were only inches apart after one of those “quick” stops)… ‘GET YOUR HEAD BACK IN THE GAME!”  Thanks, Chief!

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      U Turn

      Oh… BTW… Staging would appreciate if you don’t practice your “panic stops” when rejoining your platoon in the morning and during fuel stops!


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      Be careful coming in on I-66.   Construction almost the whole way from Manassas to the Beltway.  About 10 miles of lane shifts, potholes, Jersey barriers, trucks entering and leaving the interstate.

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