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      Some of you may know me. I’m “that guy” DEANO.  Central Route Fuel Team 15-16-17-18-19

      At the banquet in 17, I was honored to play a song I wrote about a Viet Nam vet ready to end his life till he rode with us.

      It was most definitely one of the best days of my life.  I was almost threatened, cuz I made Gunny cry.

      I’ve written many songs, but none more rewarding than, “Nobody Knows”.

      After we stopped the banquets, there really wasn’t a place I could play it again, due to lack of a venue where we all gathered in an intimate and quiet setting.

      It is my understanding that we are holding convention in a different location.

      Does anyone know if the new location has such a place?

      If so, does ANYONE know who has the authority to allow my to play it again?


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      Nick Hentges

      Ontario Itinerary in the link below if that helps.


      Check with Carol Olmstead.

      Honolulu Hawaii
      ATW Central Route 2009-2019
      Tailgunner 2010
      Asst Platoon Leader 2011-2016
      Platoon Leader 2017-2019
      Wall to Wall Recon 2019
      Secretary RFTW BOD

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