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      Looks like average temperatures on the Midway Route for May are in the 75-82 highs and 59-52 lows range except for Flagstaff, AZ which is in the 68/35 temperature zone. I’m wondering if I just suffer through Flagstaff whether I even need to bring much cold weather gear. Probably one non leather coat (too bulky to pack leather) to go along with a long sleeved T-shirt should be enough, maybe one pair of ski gloves. I’m not much for rain gear in my home state of Arizona, wearing rain gear is too hot. Just wondering what other Midway Route folks have to say about the overall climate on the route.

      Paul Hurst

      US Navy, EM2, 1977-1983, USS Emory S. Land (AS-39)

      FNG Midway Route


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      Pretty BoyPretty Boy

      I’ve started the day in a T-shirt in Angel Fire, NM at 8,000 feet, and also Williams, AZ.

      Just deal with it for the small amount of time you’re in the area. My humble opinion.

      Kirk "Pretty Boy" Olson
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      Central Route Road Guard - 2010-2019

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      The MayorThe Mayor

      I hope the riders don’t think you’re normal Kirk!  You have the same distorted internal thermometer as that of my Father-In-Law.

      Jim "The Mayor" Frost
      USAF SSgt 66-69
      Bien Hoa AB, RVN 8/67-10/69

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      Flagstaff is always a tough decision for Snapshot and I, especially because we ride two-up. I always consider leaving the leathers at home, but that being said, you also have to consider that we stage very early in the morning, and like all military operations, its hurry up and wait. It can get pretty cold prior to our departure, and that sun can take most of the morning ride before it thaws you out. Just the same, each year, I go through the same thought. How nice it would be if I didn’t have a saddlebag filled with leathers?

      As far as rain goes, last year was a dry year, but the year before we had three days in Texas/Oklahoma of the heaviest rain we’ve ever been in. So hard that we rode almost 100 miles at 35 mph with our flashers on, and you could barely see the bike ahead of you. Then we got hit again with a freezing rain as we entered Cookeville. I know some riders go without rain gear, but for my wife and I, we like to carry it.

      See you in Ontario,


      USAF 70 - 74
      Vietnam 71 - 73
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      Since I plan for my kickstand to go up in the wee early hours of the morning on the 15th for the approximately 7.5 hour ride to Ontario, that means final packing should occur on the 14th. On the 14th, I’ll go online for a 10 day forecast for Flagstaff. It SHOULD be a fairly accurate forecast for the 17th which is Flagstaff day. I’ll make the decision about what to pack then, I’ll bet it’s for bitchin cold. I don’t expect to pack leathers in any event, too much room for too little expected usage. 15 days, 5 hours, and 30 minutes until I plan to head out.

      Paul Hurst

      US Navy, EM2, 1977-1983, USS Emory S. Land (AS-39)

      FNG Midway Route


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      If you go to My they have a 15 day forecast.

      CR ATW 13,14,15. Participant 16, ATW 17, Participant18. ATW19

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      Suggest you have “layers” available if you don’t want to bring winter gear. Rain gear is a great outer layer even if there is no rain- windbreaker. Once your cold (and wet) it’s hard to warm up.


      Midway Rear Road Guard

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      Paul, I’m from Arizona too, so I don’t know much about rain… EXCEPT, you can plan on it at some time on the Run. A few years back on the Southern Route, we had record or near-record heat all the way to Chatanooga  TN, then things changed – It rained for 4 days straight, and not a warm rain. It was damp and in the 50’s when we hit DC. Last year was a “dream year” for weather, but all that can change in an instant. Rain gear is cheap, folds very flat and takes up little space….. and can make a day’s ride a lot easier!!

      USMC In-Country I Corps 69-70

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      Paul, consider leather for more protection than just cold.  Bugs, rocks, and debris are plentiful.  I’ve taken grasshoppers on the kneecaps more times than I care to remember.  Some with, some without the leather.  Having the leather is beneficial beyond explanation.  Also, being safety minded, I’m dedicated to ATGATT.  For lower leg protection, there are the “half-chaps” as well.  Understanding that you are used to an arid environment, rain can and will happen when you least expect it.  I’ve left La Junta at noon with temps in the 90’s and clear blue sky, with the clouds rolling in and needle rain hitting bare, sunburned arms half way to Limon.  Not fun.  Be prepared.  At every stop check the weather between where you are, and where you are going.  If you don’t like ridding wet, gear up; we don’t stop.  One tip you will hear “what are the road guards wearing?”.  I’ll be one, so you bet I’ll be taking measures to keep myself comfortable to keep watch over the pack.


      It’s MAY!!!!!  10-days, and I’ll be on my way to Ontario!  See you all there!

      Mary "Cynder" Melick
      Central Route
      Road Guard 2017, 2018
      Participant 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018
      All The Way 2016, 2017
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      Tail Gunner, Platoon 5 Wentzville east 2016
      2018 Harley Ultra Limited "Rebel Heart"

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      Mary I will be watching you!!!


      See you soon!

      Kind regards.

      Edwin Musto - THUMB
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      1 Maintenance Unit
      Quarter Master General Head Quarters
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      Ya ever ride in a hail storm with no leathers? Hurt don’t it.  Ever glide down the highway without your bike? Hurt don’t it. Dress for the Ride. Get my point?

      Where's Homer
      Tail gunner 2013/ 2017
      Ambassador 2014,2015. 2016
      US Army Medic 1966-1971

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      The MayorThe Mayor

      Careful Thumb!  Remember that your wife will be with you this year… and we know what happened last year when she stayed in New Zealand.

      Back to the subject:  I’ve found that it’s usually easy to remove layers, and very difficult to put on something that you didn’t pack.

      Jim "The Mayor" Frost
      USAF SSgt 66-69
      Bien Hoa AB, RVN 8/67-10/69

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