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    Good evening all,

    I am looking for recommendations by some of our experienced road guards on what type of auxiliary lighting they use on their motorcycles when escorting or providing traffic control while on RFTW? I know that light color is usually kept to white and amber but I’m looking for brand specific types that are discreet in nature.

    Thanks in advance,


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    I’m running a pair of Wheelen LINZ6 amber LEDs mounted on an L brackets to my crash bar in the front.  For the rear I have a pair of SoundOff Signal ghost amber LEDs mounted under my tour pak with double back tape and an extra nut on my tour pak mount bolt.  That setup has worked good for me the last 5 years.


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    Joker….so great to hear from you and thanks for the answer to my question. Drop me a line anytime as I ‘d love to catchup! S/F

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    2019 FLTRXS
    2010 - FNG SR
    2011 - ATW - Tail-gunner SR

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    Last year, as RG for the MR, I used an oscillating headlamp modulator (Signal Dymanics) and my four-ways. That’s it. Worked out fine as did some of the other RG’s. Honestly, that oscillating headlamp was probably the best warning device. I believe, when approaching vehicles from the rear, when the driver see it flashing on and off they probably think it’s from an emergency vehicle. It is totally approved by the DOT in all states. I just can’t afford to purchase $600 – $1,000 worth of emergency flashers for use once a year.


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    I believe you are talking about modulating headlight.  They are normally installed on the highbeam and have a sensor to make sure they don’t run at night.  They modulate the light between 95 and 05% which makes them legal in all 50 states.

    I have one on my bike and it stays on all the time.

    There are no RFTW approved Road Guard Lights.

    There are other lights you can use on your bike in order to become more visible and safer.  If you were to put these auxilary lights on your bike, I would recommend you check with your state laws as to what is legal.

    I use amber forward, amber and white to the sides and red and amber to the rear.  Mine are mostly Wheelen brand.  I oftentimes will pull over and light up a car or bike if it is broke down and changing a tire.

    I would suggest you talk to your Road Guard Captain directly as to what is OK on your route.

    I am a firm believer in these lights.  We have a dangerous job and anything we can do to help the public see us is a plus for me.


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    Contact me at dwjoynt at yahoo dot com.  I have some to get rid of as I will not be returning in 2020.

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