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      Karen ScootsKaren Scoots

      Bill “Cobb” Horton posted this in the Runs to the Run forum.  I’m reposting it here  thinking it might get a little more exposure.  Hope that’s ok.    See you in Seattle!

      I am recruiting riders to ride down from SeaTac with the Alaska Airline Volunteers Employees Group’s “Fallen Hero’s Cart”. If you are unaware of this cart please go to; <span style=”color: #2a8fbd;”>alaskaair.com/fallensoldier</span> We will be leave SeaTac, WA on Thursday May 11, 2017 and will be going south I-5, east on CA Hwy 46, south on CA Hwy 99, east CA Hwy 58, south I-15 and west on I-10 into Ontario and will be arriving on Sunday May 14, 2017. We will be delivering the “Fallen Hero’s Cart” to run with RFTW to Dallas, TX. The Cart will be donated to Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport to be use solely for transport of the remains of our Nation’s Fallen Heroes. We had a bit over 100 riders, lead by the PGR, beginning the escort from SeaTac last year. If you would like to receive information about the itinerary, protocol, information and/or pictures please feel free to contact me at <span style=”color: #2a8fbd;”>[email protected]</span> or call me at 562-271-7679. We are looking for individuals or groups to escort and help with support. This ride is an open entrance and open exit event. You or your group may ride any leg or go all the way from SeaTac, WA to Ontario CA. We are in the process of getting special rates for the riders at the hotels we will be stopping. Thank you and we hope to see on the trip. Cobb

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