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      My wife was a 2 day Participant (in a Cage) in 2015 SR. 2016 she was a passenger with me ATW and worked Registration too SR.  2017 she plans to be in the CanAm Platoon on her own CanAm,  ATW and work Registration too.
      Since this is her first time as a “Rider” will her status be FNG?

      Don “DJ" Jordan - (Mid-Wife)
      USAF 1965-1986
      AZ Patriot Guard Riders-Sr. Road Guard
      2013 FNG & Tail Gunner ATW-CR
      2014, 15 Tail Gunner ATW-SR
      2016 2nd Platoon APL ATW-SR
      2017, 18, 19 6-Pack Platoon Leader ATW-SR
      2016 HD CVO Road Glide Ultra "Jaws"

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      John McKee

      No, FNG status is only for the first time participating in The Run which, in your wife’s case was in 2015 while participating in a Cage.



      John "Wicked" McKee
      RFTW BOD
      Director of Risk Management

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