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    Run For The WallRun For The Wall

    Submitted by Phillie Ritchie

    I can’t believe I rode RFTW from Ontario to The Wall and back on the back of my husband’s Harley in 2019! It was an amazing, emotional and extremely challenging experience!! The riders in Joe’s Platoon 8 were so supportive and inspired me to go “All the way!” I so appreciated the patriotism and love for America and God that I experienced across our great country in this journey of healing for many of our veterans and the quest to bring all POW’s and MIA’s home’. Two of our close friends from our church are dealing with major effects of Agent Orange…I won’t be on the 2020 ride with my husband Tom (Catch-up) this year but I will be there in Ontario to see y’all off with my American flag in hand! I am interested in being a greeter in Ontario for the Southern Route but can’t find the info about signing up. I’d also like to find the video of the Southern RFTW for 2019!? Thanks to all of you who make RFTW happen!

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