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      Maybe a dumb question, but I have read that it is largely FNGs that get to make the run out to Arlington.  Does this include FNGs that join the run mid-stream?  Looks like I will be an FNG in 2018 but may not join the central route until New Mexico or Kansas (live in Colorado)

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      I’m not leadership, but I will answer from experience…. YES, you can go to Arlington. There are a limited number of bikes admitted, so to be fair a “priority system” has to be used. In past years, first chosen were the folks that started in Ontario. Second choice was people that joined at the first stop…. next choice, people that joined at the second stop. In other words priority goes to those who traveled the fartherest. I won’t disclose what the “secret pass” is, but it is usually given out at the platoon meeting at the platoon meeting in the AM of Day 9.  If I was a betting man (and I am) I would give you very good odds at getting one of those “passes.

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      Ghost RiderGhost Rider

      Dutchman is correct. RFTW has been given 400 passes to be divided among the 3 routes each of the last several years. Those passes are divided proportionally based on registered FNGs. The further you ride increases your chance of getting one. On Southern route we give the passes out on Day 10 at the morning riders meeting. If there are any left on a route they are saved to make sure the other routes do not need additional passes before they are distributed to non-FNGs. A big restriction from ANC to consider is that only bikes and trikes can go in as a part of our group, no automobiles. The pass is per vehicle and not per person. I hope this answers you questions.

      Ray Wyatt
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      John McKeeJohn McKee

      Let me add that, in addition to automobiles, vehicles that some consider to be motorcycles like the Polaris Slingshot and others with side-by-side seating are also excluded from being part of the 400 motorcycles that are permitted to enter ANC.



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      I was a FNG 2016, I joined in Junction City. There were plenty of passes given out after my start location.


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      Thanks for all the reponses! Of course getting in to Arlington isn’t the only reason to do the run…just a nice capstone.  I probably wont have my act together in time for 2017 but definitely 2018.  Still need to put a windshield on the front if the trike and get some kind of storage before I can consider the run, but I am working on it.  Thanks again.


      Chris "Bird" Earley
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      In Colorado we have a strong RFTW presence and have monthly meetings you’re more than welcome to attend. Please send an email to [email protected] requesting him to add you to his distro and you will be informed of the many events and meetings we attend throughout the year.

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      Keep asking the questions, you would be surprised at how many others are kinda wondering the same thing, but are reluctant to ask…..and…..you get multiple replies..all good….naturally  🙂


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      I am an info. geek so rest assured I will have more questions!  May even be moving my run up a year!  Finally broke down and ordered a windshield for my trike.  Just need bags and expenses and I am good to go!


      Chris "Bird" Earley
      USAF 1975 - 1995
      American Legion Riders 209
      CR 2017 FNG

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      Ah, Pelican, great and sage advice, my friend. In fact, I just offered almost the exact same reply to Kegkaiser on a previous post. Who knew if I had only had the patience to wait a couple of minutes, I would have found the wise and wonderful Pelican had beaten me to it. It is clear to me that Great Minds do indeed think alike. Or, at least, yours and mine do. See you at Peggy Sue’s?



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      I was a FNG for 2016, and the ride into Arlington was the highlight.  Now this was my 6th time at Arlington,  and it was with my family.  This time as a FNG it was with my new family, the RFTW family, and I will always cherish it.  We plan on going next year, and plan to start in Ontario and go all the way, central route.  See you all there,  SEMPER FI.

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      As others have said, where you join the run has priority for riding into Arlington.  So the further out you join the more likely you are to get a spot on the ride into ANC.   That being said I was an FNG in 2016, joined the Central Route in WV for the last days ride into DC.  (I live in the DC area)  and there was a spot available for me to ride into ANC.

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