FNGs, Read today’s May 11th SitRep by Hoofer!!

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      Each of routes provides a daily sitrep, and they are great way to stay informed no matter which route you are on. They serve an important service for the RFTW riders, and while I would recommend you read the sitrep for the route your taking, I believe that all riders will benefit by reading today’s Midway SitRep by Jim Mccrain “Hoofer”.

      This particular sitrep is about tradition and applies equally for all of the routes. I don’t want to take away from his excellent writing, but if you are not aware there is a “Run to the Run” that is been a tradition that has meant so much for so many and shared how important traditions are for the RFTW.

      Hoofer, your writing did a service for me, and many others! Long live the traditions of the RFTW.

      Thank you,


      USAF 70 - 74
      Vietnam 71 - 73
      Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 32-5 Wickenburg, AZ
      Midway Route FNG ATW 2015, TG 2016, TG 2017, TG 2018, PL 2019, PL 2022

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