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      Heads Up Fraud

      My Credit card was hacked by a scam that sends money to inmates in prisons.

      I advise you all to check all. your accounts for fraud





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      Ghost Rider

      Did this occur during one of stops on RFTW? Is there more info that you can share publicly?

      Ray Wyatt
      2017 Southern Route Coordinator
      2016 Southern Route Assistant Route Coordinator
      2014-15 Road Guard Captain
      2011-2013, 2018 -2019 Road Guard
      Mission > Self

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      The fraud occured in Washington DC During my stay there.

      and as late as the first of June a fraud attempt was made on my debit card, that had been canceled.


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      My bank card was compromised also with small test charge coming from UK. We ran Midway then Sandbox and the charge was made 4 days after finishing. Not sure where compromise was started.  Everyone watch your accounts.

      Lane Flynn
      2019 ATW - MR

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      Typically, the cards are compromised at restaurants where the server disappears with your card or gas pumps that have a “skimmer” stuck onto the real credit card scanner. I have had my credit card compromised on 3 different motorcycle trip. All 3 times has been a restaurant. To combat this, always give the pump scanner a good “yank” to see if it’s real. Never let your card out of your sight at a rrestaurant. Carry cash for those sit-down restaurants where they take your card to the back.

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      My AmEx was compromised shortly after I’d returned home. AmEx said someone in DC was trying to charge $1,800 for merchandise.

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      My card was compromised at the best western in Chattanooga. They charged me for 4 rooms at $210 each. didn’t find out about it till I got to Knoxville where I checked my bank app. I didn’t get a receipt before leaving because of an accident that closed the office,  When I called them to find out what was going on, they said I agreed to pay for 4 rooms but could not tell me which rooms I paid for because of privacy concerns. They did agree that I should  have received the  RFTW rate and changed the total to $420 for 4 rooms. I have contacted the Best Western Corporation HQ. about this but they said they couldn’t help unless I could provided them with the room numbers I paid for! I turned this over to My bank. They are investigating.

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      My card was hit for $175 at a 7-11 in Cedar Park, Texas.  I was in Chicago at the time.  The last time I used that particular card was on the Run.

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