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      Jim McCrainJim McCrain

      “Hoofers Hooligans” Rides again in 2020! We will leave Dallas, TX on Thursday May 7 and arrive in Ontario CA on Sunday May 10. I will have more details soon, but I thought you might like to see the Hotel list now.  I recommend that you book your rooms SOON to ensure these rates.

      May 7, 2020: Best Western, Lamesa TX.
      506 N. Dallas Ave
      Lamesa, TX
      $110. Ask for the “Hoofer’s Hooligans” rate.

      May 8, 2020: Holiday Inn Express, Deming NM
      3801 E Cedar St Deming NM
      $74.99. Ask for the “Hoofer’s Hooligans” rate.

      This hotel is run by a Family of Patriots, and is looking forward to our stay here again!

      May 9, 2020: Red Roof Plus, Tempe AZ
      2135 W 15th St
      Tempe AZ
      $70-ish. If you have a government ID, ask for a discounted rate.

      I will have more details to post later. There will be a few changes in our route/stops from last year. However, this should still be a SAFE and enjoyable journey on our way to begin RFTW 2020!


      Jim “Hoofer” McCrain
      Midway Route Photographer and SIT-REP Author


      Disclaimer: Hoofer’s Hooligans is not an official part of Run For The Wall.  We are simply a group of like-minded Riders traveling together to a common destination.  The main objective of the “Hooligans” is to ride SAFELY, brush up on our group riding skills, and have a little fun along the way.

      Jim "Hoofer" McCrain
      Photographer, Midway Route (2019, 2020,. 2021)
      SITREP Author, (2019, 2020, 2021)
      Road Guard, Midway Route (2017, 2018)
      Road Guard, Southern Route (2016)
      Tail Gunner, Southern Route (2015)
      FNG, Southern Route (2014)

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      AvatarWayne Maitlen

      Thank you I have booked motels, however can you recommend a motel in Dallas close to where we depart from.

      Tom Maitlen

      [email protected]


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      Redleg (aka. Sloke)Redleg (aka. Sloke)

      The Hooligans are awesome!  Have a great time.  See you in Ontario.

      Daniel W. Slocum
      CPT US Army RET
      ATW CR FNG 2016, CR Participant 2018
      Canceled: 2020 Midway Tailgunner 2nd Platoon

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      AvatarGreg Noller

      I just cancelled all my room on the way to Ontario and the three nights in Ontario.


      I had “pay now and save” non-refundable rates, and until tonight, there was no cancellation button.


      Tonight there was a cancellation button and I used it, so I will see if I get a refund for those rooms.


      If no, so be it.

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