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      Run For The WallRun For The Wall

      UPDATED. SEE BELOW. Just a heads up to all. The hotel lists for ALL Routes will be published on the website at exactly 0800 (8 AM) California time on January 1st. The Hotels WILL NOT honor any RFTW rates prior to that time, so please do not call them and ask to book a room at the RFTW Rate until the lists have been published. The Ontario Hotels will not be taking any reservations at the Run for the Wall rates until the 2nd of January, so please be patient and courteous to the hotel staff. The State Coordinators have been working hard to get he hotel lists completed and ready to upload and the lists are almost complete.

      Please be patient and when you call the Hotels be courteous and professional. Remember, we are all unofficial Ambassadors for RFTW.

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      Will camping locations be included in the hotel lists?

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        Finding it hard to Book room I have know for a very Long time I am not the brightest crayon in the box. But don’t know how to convert xl to something understandable.  Know one in WDC will answer phone.



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      Hi. Are rates posted on last year’s hotel lists and the rates that will be posted on lists for 2020 “non refundable” or “refundable”.



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      Nick HentgesNick Hentges

      Last years rates have changed for this year (as have some of the hotels and overnight stops). Some are refundable and some are not. Suggest that you ask when you call TOMORROW and book your rooms.


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      Looks like Sandbox hotel list has midway spreadsheet (unless operator error)

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      This was fixed within a few minutes. Thanks!

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      Run For The WallRun For The Wall

      We just posted a couple of revisions to the Wentzville MO Hotels. If you have already made reservations with a Hotel not on the new list, please consider changing to one of the listed Hotels. They have made some great deals for us and we want to support them as much as possible. Note that there is a new Holiday Inn Express IN WENTZVILLE (not O’Fallon) listed.

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