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      I was supposed to be an FNG in 2018 and 2019-Had to drop out both years due to my wife’s health.

      I was supposed to be an FNG in 2020 and in 2021-Covid.

      In 2022 I will be a 74 year old FNG. I will NOT give up. I will ride with my brothers!

      Thanks to all of the officers and board for what you do.

      SSGT Harold “Phantom” MacFarland, USAF 1965-1872

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      I live in Georgia I have wanted to go then it is always been canceled  for two years now I am going! I have had both moderna  shots 6 weeks ago closing everything is political to run Americans lives and have control over everyone and make them dependent on the federal government.  I am going this year but from Georgia to D.C.  my last chance probably I have a newer bike my son in law wrecked my Ultra into a mobile home.  I am meeting three brother Vietnam veterans at the wall one has Parkinsons and M.S. it will probably both of our last times to respect the best friends we have ever had that are on the wall.  We could have looked at the virtual wall but we owe them more so we are going to D.C. to honor our friends hope to meet or see you there.

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