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    Robert KasmerchekRobert Kasmerchek

    I was wonder if you brake down does the rftw take the bike to an Independent shop or dealership for your brand of motorcycle or just the first  H D dealership

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    It has been briefed that bikes would normally be taken to a dealer

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    If one of the Chaplains sees this they can probably provide the best info since the chase teams are part of the Chaplain Corps, but it is my understanding that they TRY to get the bike to the first FORWARD dealer for the particular bike.  Of course there seem to be more Harley dealers than anything else, but it seems that they try to take care of all brands when local servicing dealers are available.

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    I can’t find the reference right now, but as I recall from reading last year, if your bike breaks down the sweep crew picks you up, the rider (if possible) is responsible for securing the bike on the trailer.  The sweep crew takes you to the nearest dealer for your brand of bike along the route.

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    Now I found it:

    7. Assuming the rider is not injured, he/she is responsible for ensuring the bike is tied down safely and appropriately.  The chase crews will assist, but ultimately the responsibility for securing bikes rests with the  rider. The chase crews will not be responsible for bike damage.
    8. In addition to item (7) above, the rider shall secure luggage so that it will not become separated from the bike.  Should it be prudent to remove the luggage, it shall be secured to the trailer floor or placed in the truck bed prior to chase truck departure.
    9. The chase crews will transport the motorcycle forward along the daily route to the next available dealership where it will be unloaded. The chase vehicle will then depart to catch the Run.

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    Yup. In 2015 my Honda left me standing on the side of the road in the rain about 70 miles east of Wytheville and the chase truck hauled me to the Honda dealer in Lynchburg. Those guys are a Godsend when you need one. Even if you don’t need one, take a minute to get to know them and tell them thanks for volunteering their time to support the mission.


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