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      At the conclusion of the Sandbox run, I had an appointment at Starved Rock HD for a 10k service.  They are located just 6 short miles away from the memorial.   They were very good about getting a fellow Road Guard and myself in to the shop as travelers.

      While we were waiting we found the manager Tim Farrell, and attempted to enlighten him on RFTW, it’s mission, it’s routes, and it’s time frame.  After letting him know that starting next year there would be 200-300 riders coming in to town and that if he was willing to keep extended hours for the Tuesday following Memorial Day weekend, he could possibly see up to 10 bikes coming in for service and repairs.  He seemed to be receptive to the idea.  We told him we would have the Illinois State coordinator contact him and try to firm things up.

      So, if the IL state coordinator sees this, We’d appreciate a follow up visit with this dealership.


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