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      From Mojo (Central Texas State Coordinator):

      The Odessa overnight stop is bringing a number of changes.  One of these is that there are 3 NEW HOTELS that are offering us a great rate.   These new hotels are NOT in the same area as we’ve been in the past years.   In fact, we will be in another side of town.   To obtain these hotels’ special rate, you must use their specific link (that will be provided with the Hotel Listing around New Years) to reserve a room.    Another one of the hotels used in the past is also offering a lower rate.   There will be plenty of rooms available.    I am in the final stages of negotiating these contracts.   So, there is NO reason to start reserving your rooms.   To those who have already reserved your room in Odessa, I will not guarantee that you’ll get the special rate.    There is no need to jump the gun.

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      Thank you Mojo.

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