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      As normal we leave early and get to Ontario the Friday before we leave, which is the 10th of May. We do 250 to 400 miles a day, depending on the weather and how we feel(old age 🙂 )  We leave on Sat the 4th of May.

      Day 1 is from IN to MO, I70 to I44

      Day 2 MO to OK I44

      Day 3 OK to Santa Rosa I 40

      Day 4 Santa Rosa to Gallup with stop in Albuquerque to meet friends I 40 (normally a Wed)

      Day 5 Gallup to Kingman I 40

      Day 6 Kingman to Ontario I 40

      Should be 7 days depending on how we stop, normally the 1st day we quit early or leave late which means we are behind, so it beomes 7 days.  Been doing the same route every year for 7 years… may get it right one of these days.

      This is our big beak in time since we only get the month of April to ride here in Indiana. So we don’t rush there, plus  the one year the wind was so bad it added a lot of extra time.  We used to leave on Sun  but the extra time of one day makes a big difference. Old age is going to make it 20 day trip someday 🙂 heheheh

      My phone and email are listed in the CR Hub in the 2019 CR Contact list(Plt 4 leader and IN state coor.)

      Ride Safe!! Hope to see everyone in Ontario !!  God willing and cricks don’t rise……….


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      Leaving Corydon to Ontario Noon Thursday May 9th.

      We camp so generally we pull into a campground each day about an hour before Dark.

      Weather permitting we are going through Denver, over the Continental Divide and across Utah.

      Sunday night May 12th we plan to stay in Las Vegas at one of the casino hotels. Last night on the road so its nice to get a good meal and a night’s rest inside.

      Planning to arrive in Ontario about noon Monday May 13th.

      Hope to see you along the route and you’re absolutely welcome to form up with us.

      Reply to this message or email me at">

      J.R. Eckart

      Asst Indiana State Coordinator

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