J&M handlebar mount CB Radio

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      JMCB – $250 shipped – paypal or send me a check

      I one of these on my bike and love it. I also have another one for sale that was just checked out by J&M and it works perfectly. Comes complete with with all wiring and antenna w/ mount for solo rider. Easy installation. All you need is your wired headset or if you prefer to use your Sena bluetooth headset it can be done using the Sena SR10 adapter. That’s the set up I have.   Message me for pics.

      I have a few connection cables for in between the unit and your headset. for $10…  they are $30 new.

      Add $25  – If you need a dual rider set up including remote PTT button.


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      John McKee



      I’d like to see how you’ve got the JMCB configured to work with Sena headset and the SR10 adapter.

      I have the JMCB installed (by J&M in March 2015) on my BMW R1200RT, and it’s got some sporadic issues with static both on reception and transmission.  I’ve shipped the unit back to them, and they said it checked out (benched) OK.  My unit works fine if I’m sitting still at a stop light for example, but once I get going down the road, about half the transmissions I receive are almost unintelligible.  I’ve thought about buying a portable CB and configuring it with the SR-10 and Sena 20S headset, but if I can just configure the JMCB to work with the SR10, then maybe I can salvage the installation I have without a lot of reconfiguration.

      So, how is your JMCB configured with the SR10?

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      John, I messaged you my cell number thru Facebook.

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      Hello Navigator,  Would you know if the J M CB Radio could be mounted on my 2008 Victory Vision using my ScalaRider G4 Bluetooth headset. Or would I have to get a Sena Headset with a SR10 adapter. I am a Ambassador on the Midway Route and I need to get a CB up and running for the Run in May.   Alan (Cross Country) Sylvia    [email protected]

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      Hi Cross Country,

      I tried last year to get it connect with my Cardo G9 and scrapped it. Technically the SR10 will connect to the Cardo, but I have found that using a Sena 20s is the most reliable set up for the bluetooth when trying to use a JMCB.

      So to answer your questions: 1)  I see no reason why the J&M could not be mounted on your bike.   2) You are taking your chances with Cardo G4.

      I have 2 helmets, A Shoei Neotec with the Sena 10U  and a Schuberth C3Pro with the 20S installed.  I have to say I like the idea of the 10U being tucked in the helmet, but I prefer the 20s.  The Sena 20S can have 2 bluetooth connections, your phone and the SR10, that is in addition to the intercom function.You can also have an additional audio source directly into the JMCB or the SR10 via a 3.5mm jack. I emailed you my phone number if I can help you at all.



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      If you still have it, I’ll take it and the cord that goes between radio and headset.  PLEASE!

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      I too would love to know how to work the jmcb with bluetooth

      waiting to be enlightened


      Bobby Recall Senter
      US Army

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      Recall, you are the 3rd one to ask so I’ll put together a document outlining the procedure, and the equipment that has worked for me. It may take me a few days to get to it but I’ll be  happy to send it to anyone who contacts me by email…    [email protected]


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      This J&M CB Radio is sold

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