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      I currently have reservations all the way across from Ontario to Arlington. I’m looking for a roommate to share cost on each night except Arlington. (I have local family member staying with me). Please contact me at [email protected] or call (209)984-3672 or (209)743-2034 if interested.

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      AvatarRoad Hazard

      How many can you fit in your rooms? Troublemaker and myself haven’t booked our rooms yet and I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t object to splitting a room three ways instead of two. I know I wouldn’t object. Just a forewarning…We are both in leadership positions this year and he is part of the registration team, so early risers we will be.

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      Looking for a room mate as well.. Im I guess what you all call an FNG… lol I’ve got over 210000 mikes on my present bike.. But this is my first RFTW..  any help would be appreciated

      Reach me either at [email protected] or leave message at 951-534-9119 not looking for the most expensive .I’m a simple man..



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      Most of my rooms are double occupancy.. booked all the way there…



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