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      Last minute items we have to remind ourselves. Medications to have enough on board till you return home. You sure do not want to run out half way through the ride. And looking at our age group pretty sure many of us are on something. Just a reminder


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      10-4 on what Highway said. Plus, either have prescription pills in their bottles or carry an official (Dr  orders) document showing what your to take.

      Had a friend here in South Tx headed back from the coast, hit a check point and was asked what  the pills were for. He explained, but agent advised him that he could be pulled aside and searched if he didn’t have valid prove for the pills.

      Just a heads up for all.



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      Great suggestion. To take it one step farther, if your on medications and have some medical conditions, having a file of life on your person would be good to do. You can list all the medications you take, any conditions like diabetes or hypertension, just in case your taken to the ER. Should be able to get a file of life at any local hospital, they usually hand then out for free.

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      Also, if you are carrying a Epipen for a highly allergic reaction, it would be nice if you informed other riders around you, where you are keeping it(just in case)

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      Have to tell you a few years ago I invented a product called Rescue Facts and even had a patent on it. It was a medical information strap that could go on seatbelts an yes even helmet straps. Inside you fill out a form on water resistant paper, it gives all the info paramedics need to help you. I sold thousands to MC groups and donated just as many. If anyone maybe interested in getting one I can talk to the owners now about selling them to you at cost for RFTW members. Also a couple of years ago I came across some nice first aid kits. I think I sent out around 25 of them to member riders. They were nice retail I think they went for around $50.00, well I maybe getting some more this year. Still at no cost to you I will find out for sure in a couple of weeks. So if anyone is interested in one let me know and if anyone I sent one to before let us know if they where nice and packed well in your bike. Have a great day and will see you all soon.

      webpage check it out and let me know so I can set it up for you great people.


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