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      Robert PeurifoyRobert Peurifoy

      Have all hotel reservations for all the way. Ontario to DC. Most are RFTW recommendations. Couple times found better deal. Use a c-pap but it is quiet. Need someone to help me come awake. Medications are a knockout. Get in touch and see if we could work together. May end up staying with family in DC, so that can’t be guranteed.

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      Hi Robert

      I am also going ATW on the midway route and have reservations in DC and a couple other places b ut not all. I also use a cpap. I am a early to bed early to rise kinda guy. I am leaving Upper Michigan on the 3rd and spending a couple 3-4 days in san diego. I have done the central route several times first time on midway

      Gunner USN CWO RET 71-92

Viewing 1 reply thread
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