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      Hello riders,


      My name is Joe “Gump” Hudson and I am honored to serve as your Missing Man Coordinator for Southern Route. Thank you Mojo for serving previously and showing me the ropes.


      I extend the invitation for anyone who would like to ride a segment in the Missing Man Formation (MMF). Positions are now available throughout the Southern Route. Preference for this honor is given to FNG’s and POW-MIA family members. I will reserve several positions for returning riders who have never rode MMF.


      Run For The Wall maintains a Missing Man Formation (MMF) as we cross the country. After each stop, a new rider will take this position of honor. The lead element consists of the following diagram:


      X X


      X X


      – Row 1

      Route Coordinator, State Co.

      – Row 2

      Designated Rider, Honor Position

      – Row 3

      MMF Chaplain, MMF Co.


      Please provide ALL of the following via email:

      1. Full name (road name)

      2. FNG year

      3. Person you are riding to honor

      4. Segment preference

      5. Alone or w/passenger

      6. Cell phone number

      7. Email address

      8. Type of motorcycle: bike, trike, with trailer?


      [email protected]


      The Missing Man Formation is reserved for honor and respect. A little about me: I am a Repatriated Prisoner of War (Iraq 2003), 11 soldiers were killed in my company, and I am friends to many POW-MIA family members who still wait for answers. I embrace the Missing Man Formation with the highest standards.


      Email is the best way to reserve a position. I am terrible at answering phone calls. I will not make reservations via text, forum, or Facebook. Please email.


      Joe “Gump” Hudson

      RPW, USA, Ret

      (915) 525-5957

      [email protected]


      Is it May yet?!

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      AvatarRoad Hazard

      Youve got mail, Gump.

      Proper grammar is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

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      Thank you for stepping up to this Gump.

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