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      AvatarScooter Magoo

      Has anyone watched this movie? If so, can you give any insight into the character “Thump Milton”.

      About 50-55 min. into the movie Thump Milton is in a scene where he is wearing a leather vest. As he turns to walk away you can see his vest has the entire Run For The Wall patch.

      I’ve read that the movie used a lot of locals from Missouri. Did “Thump Milton” ever ride with RFTW?

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      Road DawgRoad Dawg

      Thump Milton was played by Ronnie “Stray Dog” Hall.  I is my understanding that he did ride with RFTW years ago.



      Road Dawg

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      AvatarScooter Magoo

      My FNG year was 2009. The movie was in 2010. It is possible “Stray Dog” was on the Run in 09.

      So much going on my FNG year.  The years run together after awhile.

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      try this link

      Pat " Irish" Devlin
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      AvatarScooter Magoo

      Great link …Irish……Thanks

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      I remember Ron…….. I believe it was in 2010 in Rancho Cucamongo when we met. A character larger than life 😉

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