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      Before you leave home contact your bank or credit card company and advise them of your upcoming travel.  Your credit/ debit card companies may see frequent usage as a stolen card and stop the availability of using it. A simple phone call is all it takes.

      Also, might not be a bad time to reconfirmed your hotel reservations.

      Safe travels to all.


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      Great idea ZIPTIE.  I have had my card frozen and didn’t know it till I was at the cashier’s desk.  My credit union didn’t like my usage so they froze it.  So now I send them a message online as to my movement going east.  They have replied with a thank you info noted.


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      Great advice, Ziptie! You actually beat me to the punch. I was going to post that very same advice as I was doing just that at three this morning. If you bank with Wells Fargo, you can do the whole thing very simply online. I do a lot of touring on the bike, and the couple of times I’ve forgotten to notify them became a pain in the a$$ trying to explain it over the phone.

      On another note, I just came back from said bank where I pulled out $350 to cover the fuel stops. I quietly handed them a note that said I wanted $100 in ones, $100 in fives, and $150 in tens. Of course I quickly showed them my ATM card, so no one would pull the alarm. :))

      Getting excited now!!


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      Yeah Doc, passing notes in a bank can create some unneeded excitement. See you in Ontario, sir!

      Tom Wistrand “Ziptie”

      Midway Route rear road guard

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