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      Okay, another noob question;  How many bikes & trikes are typically in the central route?  I keep reading numbers in the hundreds but when i count bikes in the videos from last year I keep coming up with approx. 190. I also keep hearing references to platoons.  How many per platoon?  Which route typically has the most riders? (what can I say, I am an info junkie (Don’t even try to challenge me in trivial pursuit!!))

      Chris "Bird" Earley
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      Hi Kegkaiser,

      The number of bikes will vary. Some riders start in Ontario but will drop out as they near their homes. Some will join along the way and ride into DC or just ride for the day. Central route usually starts with about 350-400 riders which includes passengers and cages as well as the chase vehicles, chaplains, and other support personel. As for platoon numbers that again depends on the number of riders on two or three wheels (cages go either a mile or two in front of or behind the main pack). Platoon size will vary as well. However, a platoon will most likely have between 15 to 25 bikes, but can and sometimes will be more. Trikes make up one platoon and then there are platoons for trikes and bikes with trailers. I believe that Central route had 10+ platoons on last year’s run. I am sure their are folks out there that can be even more specific, but I think and hope this gives you and idea. You should know that videos rarely give you the hole picture, even the videos taken from the overpasses.


      Welcome to the family and welcome home

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      More important than the numbers you see in the videos is the feeling you’re going to experience when you come over the crest of a hill for the first time and see that line of 190 bikes in front and behind you stretching out for miles. And then, you realize you are flying down the highway at 70 mph in a platoon of 15 or 20 running tighter than you have ridden before in complete unison in thought and action. At that point in time, you will realize you’re not in Kansas anymore, and damn this is a lot of bikes. Welcome to The Run. ????

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      John McKee

      When you’re counting bikes in a video, keep in-mind that the Advance team and Ambassadors, to name a few, are out in front, probably already at the next stop getting things ready.  Speaking about the Advance Team which includes the Fuel Team, you’ll be amazed how efficiently all those motorcycles can be refueled.

      BTW, Central Route is consistently the most numerous in terms of bodies, followed by Southern and Midway.


      John "Wicked" McKee
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      On the old forum someone had posted a spread sheet of the various routes and how many bikes were on each route and how many went all the way.  But I think that is gone now.

      If you go to the Run Info tab and look at the SITREPS there are some numbers posted in them.  Central Route had over 300 going into Lewisburg, WV.  There were several of us that signed up in Lewisburg so probably someplace around 310-320 riding into Arlington on the last leg.

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      The Central Route has a pretty steady core of around 300 bikes, as stated above that includes ambassodors andadvance teams.  There is a video on you tube from 2012 (rftw bounce video) taken at the OOIDA head headquartes at exit 24 in Missouri that shows platoons, and is a good one if you want to count.  The narration was me talking to Reed Black from OOIDA.  I was not aware that the sound was on, so it is a little goofy.   We have had some years on CR that some days have had over 600 riders in the pack plus the advance teams, and some where with advance teams we are at 300 total.  Every leg and every day is different.  A lot of the counts are total registered.  If all three routes stayed together there could be as many as 7 to 8 hundred bikes in the pack, hence 3 routes, 1 mission.

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      Karen Scoots

      completely off topic – Hi ya’ Bounce!

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      Doc said it well, you will be blown away at the emotions that you will experience on this ride.  I remember back in 2007, I was at the back of the pack.  I could see the lead was just coming to an exit.  I, myself was 2 miles back from that!  It is an amazing feeling to be a part of something this grand and this organized.

      Welcome home! and Welcome to RFTW.  I believe I saw you are in  Colorado.  The Colorado group has lunch every 3rd Saturday at Johnson’s Corner in Johnstown.  Commiseration starts at 1100, “meeting” starts at 1200.  Please come join us.  The 19th of Nov is our next get-together.

      Colorado RFTW will also be riding in the Longmont Veteran’s Day parade, 11 Nov.  We will be meeting at Roosevelt park around 10.

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