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      It’s early but I was wondering if there is any information on getting bike service / oil change along the way? What is everyone planning on? I saw last year posts about a VFW -but I don’t change my own oil.  Best I can figure I’ll need a oil change in Junction City, KS but we arrive on a Sunday. Do I need to call dealerships or will there be some information somewhere soon? Thanks in advance.

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      Hello, the rule of thumb is 3000 miles between changes, but with synthetic oil you can go as far as 5000 miles.  You should have your Bike serviced before you start the “Run”, and if you do you should not need to change oil during the Run!

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      Nick HentgesNick Hentges

      The Harley Dealer in Junction City Opens for us on Sunday and (if needed) Monday to take care of us. I would contact them now and schedule an Oil change if you feel you will need one at that point. Otherwise, You can just change it early in California prior to the Run.

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      AvatarGreg Noller

      if you change your oil before you leave you should not need to change your oil again until you get home. For me that is 6600 miles. These types of Miles highway miles are very easy on your motor oil. Don’t worry about it.

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      Wally GatorWally Gator

      The HD dealer in Montclair Ca. will do it they are really nice people you need to get there first thing in the morning because everybody from RFTW is doing the same thing just let them know that you are with RFTW they will take care of you I have also given the phone # below along with the address.  It is about 5 to 6 miles from the staging area and the hotels.

      Pomona Valley Harley-Davidson

      8710 N Central Montclair Ca,91763

      Phone 909-981-9500

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      AvatarSister Mary

      I spoke with the Missouri State Coordinator.  There will be at least one facility in Wentzville that will be available for oil changes.  It is a Harley specific shop.  He will have more information in March.  That information will be posted on the forum.

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      I know that in 2018, one of the local HD dealers was at the VFW in Wentzville, MO that evening doing oil and tire changes.


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      Besides the Wentzville stop, the HD shop in Columbia MO (where we fuel up) will be open and will service your bike.  But you should be ok with following the previous posts.

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      I change my oil every 5K miles with HD full synthetic.   I live in the area so I change the oil just before I leave and then when I return.  I’m over the 5K when I get back but am not concerned about it.  But if you want the local HD dealer to do an oil change before you leave they are located less than 5 miles from the Ont host hotel.

      It is in Montclair off of Central Ave.

      Pomona Valley Harley Davidson (909) 981-9500,  PVHD.com

      Also Loma Linda HD (909) 796-8399 minutes from I15 and I10 intersection in San Bernardino and

      Laidlaw HD (626) 851-0412 off I10 in West Covina area.

      Take care.

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        “Also Loma Linda HD (909) 796-8399 minutes from I15 and I10 intersection in San Bernardino”


        Loma Linda HD is near the I215 and the I10 intersection not the I15/I10 just FYI.  Sorry.



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      Thank you for you help. I should have clarified that I’m starting in Dallas and scheduled my oil change and all maintenance before I leave. Then Junction City and home again.

      I will have rode  ~6,000 total miles

      See you in May!

      Escape Artist.


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      Man O’War Harley-Davidson in Lexington, KY is suppose to have lifts and techs at the lunch stop in Mt. Sterling, KY for oil changes. Our state coordinator is having an RFTW meeting on 3/14 so I should have more info after that.

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      My bike manufacturer, Victory, recommends oil change every 5k miles.  I change my oil and filter every 5k miles.  AmsOil states their synthetic can go 10k miles on an oil change.  I also use the AmsOil oil filter due to it’s superior filtering ability than stock or other aftermarket oil filters.  Along with all of this, I have a very strong magnetic oil drain plug as well as a penny-size, strong flat magnet I attach to the oil filter.  I do an oil and oil filter change just before the ride and do another change upon getting home.  I’ve ridden over 6k on an oil change when riding the run.

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