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    Any word on when the 2019 Pre-Run itinerary for Ontario will be published online? I am specifically interested if there will be another CPR class offered. If there is, depending on when it is scheduled, I may have to change my enroute to CA. reservations. Knowing soon would be helpful.

    Thank You


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    Pretty BoyPretty Boy

    It will be on or about April 1, so I am told….

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  • March 26, 2019 at 11:26 am #11512

    Hello Pelican

    Not sure if any posts on this yet, but the pre-Ontario (Pre-run) itinerary has been posted.

    Download the PDF file .

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    Thanks Post, Hugs had sent me a PM earlier, I know I’m getting older, so it’s comforting to know ye’all are watching out for this ole bird….LOL

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    The MayorThe Mayor

    The Tuesday morning Run to Riverside National Cemetery has been included in the posted Itinerary.  Further details will be posted soon, but if you’re not tied up with morning meetings, join us for the Run down to RNC.  And if you were planning on coming to Ontario on Tuesday, you might consider staying in the area on Monday night to take full advantage of all of Tuesday’s activities.

    We’ll focus on the RNC’s National Medal of Honor Memorial this year.  The primary speaker will be Mike Goldware, Chair of the committee responsible for the construction of the Memorial…

    More detail will be posted in the Forum soon, but hunt me down if you have any questions in the interim!

    Jim "The Mayor" Frost
    USAF SSgt 66-69
    Bien Hoa AB, RVN 8/67-10/69

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    Karen ScootsKaren Scoots

    Thank you for posting the pre-Run itinerary.

    If I recall correctly, there used to be a dinner on Tuesday.  The itinerary does not show a dinner.  It shows a lunch on Monday from, 12-1.  Is the lunch in place of dinner?


    Also, the 12-1 lunch is scheduled during the 11-1pm Southern Route Leadership meeting.

  • April 26, 2019 at 3:25 pm #12080
    The MayorThe Mayor

    Karen, The first Tuesday dinner was the brainchild of Mil Thornton when he was California Coordinator.  The sole purpose was an informal rider get-together and a venue to recognize local support with plaques and certificates.   All of the expenses were covered by contributions and fundraisers, the majority of which was through an El Segundo sponsored picnic by Raytheon which went on for  several years (under the not-so-subtle encouragement by Danny Lopresto).  The trigger for the dinner may have been Mil’s neighbor relationship with Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Lewis Lee Millett.  Mil led the first Tuesday RNC Run to introduce riders to Col. Millett at the National Medal of Honor Memorial, and again that evening at the initial RFTW dinner in 2007.  Mil moved to Arizona before having been adequately thanked for his performance in the role which had been passed by his predecessor, Jim “Jumper” Braga.

    The dinner went on for another three years, funded solely by the Raytheon Picnic and local contributions that were raised for “Pre-Run” support each year, with surplus always being divided equally between the Central and Southern Routes.  Over time, the focus of Raytheon leadership changed, as did that of RFTW  – the dinner evolving away from that of a State Coordinator activity.  As such, perhaps it’s diminished the opportunities to publicly thank the hundreds of individuals and organizations that have made the morning of Day One successful.  The morning after I took office as the first Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga, I found a note waiting on my desk that said: “Don’t forget the little people.”   We can’t get so wrapped in the chaos and logistics of such a massive effort, or in our own egos or titles, that we fail to constantly publicly acknowledge the thousands of individuals that continue to be a part of the MISSION.


    Jim "The Mayor" Frost
    USAF SSgt 66-69
    Bien Hoa AB, RVN 8/67-10/69

  • May 1, 2019 at 8:32 am #12148

    Excellent post Jim, thanks.

    2019 FNG - Central Route

  • May 1, 2019 at 5:24 pm #12155

    I second the thoughts of “The Mayor”. There are literally thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly to make this mission happen and be so successful. The best we, as participants, can do is to always be friendly, cordial and grateful towards all the helpers along the way. Be sure that you say THANK YOU to them and the leadership of the event. This will be my 4th ATW run and I am always astounded at the effort put forth on our behalf. First and foremost REMEMBER THE MISSION. It is for those who serve, past present and future. We must keep the spirit of RFTW alive for future generations.

    Semper Fi !  God Bless America !

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