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      Some of you know me some of you don’t but after being an RFTW rider from 2002 I now find myself unable to ride any longer due to the accident this last May.  I regret to inform you all that I will no longer be able to a part of RFTW.  My back pain is just too much and there is no getting better.

      John “Shooter” McCabe

      RFTW Road Guard (Ret.)

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      Stay strong Brother. The riders and RCs you’ve helped over the years Thank you.


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      Good luck to you Shooter.  Thanks for being a part of this organization as it has done so much for our veterans and it is only because of people like you that it exist.

      Semper Fi

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      Redleg (aka. Sloke)Redleg (aka. Sloke)

      Thank you Shooter.  Road Guards are a mighty brave sort.  Take care of yourself, there is no shame in doing so.

      Daniel W. Slocum
      CPT US Army RET
      ATW CR FNG 2016, CR Participant 2018
      Canceled: 2020 Midway Tailgunner 2nd Platoon

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      Thank you Shooter for all that you have done for the riders, best of luck to you and stay healthy.   God bless you.

      GSCM USN(Ret) '57 - '89
      L/M VFW 3788
      L/M AL 460
      C/M ALR 460
      Ala PGR
      ATW 2000 (SR Recon), ATW 2003 SR, Participant 2018 SR (Fueling Team),
      Participant 2019 SR (Fueling Team), ATW 2020 SR (Fueling Team), ATW 2020 SB (Fueling Team)
      Gulf of Tonkin '64-'65; DaNang '69-'70

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