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      If you postpone something it normally means to delay to a later date, but if canceled it means its over.  I think 2021 would be over and not postponed?  Are they planning on doing it later this year, probably not. So I would say cancel it for 2021 and say that…..   would almost be impossible to do it later in the year, would be like starting from scratch with 1500 bikes………


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      Tommy CranfordTommy Cranford

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      Tommy CranfordTommy Cranford

      They did use the correct terminology ‘postponed to a later date.’


      MAY 2022

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      Nick HentgesNick Hentges

      As stated in the message from the President of the BOD, this would have been the 32nd Run for the Wall. It (the 32nd Run for the Wall) has been Postponed until 2022.

      Hopefully this clarifies any confusion.

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      Instead of arguing about semantics, how about being appreciative of our BOD and all their eff0rts along with the fact it does not have the word permanently attached.

      Blessings;  Looking to  May 2022

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